International Conference on Modeling and Simulation 2010
Fecha Viernes, 11 diciembre a las 07:39:02

The Association for Modelling and Simulation in Enterprises (AMSE) is pleased to announce the International Conference on Modelling and Simulation in Engineering, Economics and Management (MS'2010), which will be held in Barcelona (Spain), July 15th - 17th , 2010. This Congress is co organized by the University of Barcelona (UB), through the Department of Business Administration.

Scientific research in modelling and simulation needs new techniques to deal with new complex problems which have not good theoretical models. In this way, the AMSE association, through this International Conference, wants to offer a forum where university people, professionals and practitioners, working in the field of modelling and simulation, can exchange ideas and experience on the advancement of research, methods, techniques, applications and projects based on fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, uncertainty theory, chaos theory, new quantitative methods and soft computing.

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