Measurement and Evaluation of Academic Research Performance: Policy Implications
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This event is jointly organized by CEMPRE, Universidade do Porto and NIPE – Universidade do Minho, Portugal. The workshop will take place on June 21st, 2010, at the Universidade do Minho. This workshop aims at promoting discussion regarding the general topic of measurement and evaluation of academic research performance. In particular, we welcome papers that discuss the construction of rankings of economics journals and alternative ways to measure research in economics, papers that analyse trends, case studies and international comparisons in economic research and papers that discuss policies that can be used to improve the quality of researchers' scientific production. The two general sub-topics under consideration are (i) performance measures and (ii) policy implications towards research management.

Paper submissions should be sent to, until April 11th 2010. Submitters will be notified about the status of their submissions by April 26th, 2010.

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